TieHook The TieHook is the world's first self-locking sliding rope cleat that enables you to quickly and safely pull your rope tight without complicated time-consuming knots. Simply reverse loop the rope around the TieHook and then pull tight. The included lower and upper fixed hooks provide leverage points for getting the load extra tight and for locking off. The quick release brake lever makes it simple and easy to undo the rope.
• Quick Tie Down
• Quick Release
• Adjustable
• Self-Locking
• Secure & Safe
• Use Standard Ropes
• Mounts on Utility Racks
• Mounts Horizontally
• Mounts Vertically
• Mounts on Flat Surfaces
• Mounts on Truck Bed Rails 
Introducing TieHook, The world's first self-locking sliding rope cleat
The Tiehook™ is versatile and easy to use: